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Enterprise Knowledge Graphs CDL Online Meetup #3

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs | Sept. 23 - Online Meetup #3 | CDL 2020

Towards a knowledge-based economy: how Knowledge Graphs can catalyze digital transformation and AI in the enterprise and beyond.

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Digital transformation and AI may have become overworn buzzwords that mean very little. 

In essence, however, they are more needed than ever for businesses that want to survive and thrive in a new economy.

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3 experts are here to help you navigate this new techscape

- Tony Seale, Information Architect, will show how enterprises can use decentralized Knowledge Graphs to vastly increase the connectivity of their data, drawing on hard won experience of architecting and successfully delivering innovative technical projects for the world’s largest financial organisations.

- Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz Inc, will show how they are helping organizations deploy novel Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions to gain a holistic view of customers, patients, students or other important entities, and the ability to discover deep connections, uncover new patterns and attain explainable results.

- Symeon Vasileiadis, Knowledge Engineer at Engine B will identify the necessity of Knowledge Graphs through use cases, show the great potential in business applications, and engage in an insightful discussion.

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Join us September the 23rd to learn from leaders and innovators: exciting talks and live interaction!

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